Odonata 2016 Sangiovese Rosé

Don’t you just love it when a good friend (someone who knows wine) gives you a bottle to try? I do!

I invited a few friends for a barrel tasting before the Passaggio Wines Club Release party on Saturday the 24th. My good friends David and Laurie Razzari showed up with bottle in hand. “We brought you something.” They handed me the 2016 Odonata Rosé. I couldn’t wait to pop it open.

I decided to enjoy it last night on my back deck. What a beautiful evening. Perfect weather for sitting and sipping.

First of all, the bottle has a beautiful label and a screw cap (which I love) The color of the Rosé was quite intriguing. The first whiff brought forth strawberries and peaches, with a slight minerality note. I sat swirling it in my glass and smelling it for a while. More stone fruits rose from the glass. Loved it. That first sip was just as it smelled – Strawberries, peaches, and very nice acidity. Medium body which I expected from the color. I enjoyed the wine very much. Thank you David and Laurie! Phoebe was intrigued as well…


Cindy Cosco


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