Trousseau Gris

Trousseau Gris, also known as Gray Riesling, has become one of my favorite wine geeky wines to produce. This is a very meaty, grey grape. The 2016 skins were tough and the juice did not flow very easily when pressed. But oh, did it taste good. So good!

The 2015 Passaggio Trousseau Gris sold out quickly. I was sad to see it go so fast. I would have liked more people to experience this wine. The 48 cases only lasted two months. The 2015 gave a vibrant and exotic blend of grapefruit, tangerine, and floral notes with peach, melon and a balanced acidity.

2015 Passaggio Trousseau Gris

I have seen this grape made into so many different versions. Some leave it on the skins for days, which produces a light red / pinkish color wine. Some make it in concrete tanks. I have also seen it made in stainless and neutral barrels and then blended before bottling. I prefer to press these grapes straight off as soon as it’s brought into the winery. It still gives a slight pinkish hue to the juice. Then it’s fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks. This is a highly sought out wine. A wine geeks wine for sure. Keep your eye out for the Passaggio Trousseau Gris in Spring of 2017.


2016 TG
2016 Passaggio Trousseau Gris

Happy Harvest!


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  1. I’m really enjoying this blog! This article in particular was a revelation to me (and I live in wine country!). Hadn’t heard of grey Riesling before. Reading your old posts I can see you have good taste (or at least, taste similar to mine). Since you like wine, you may like our wine country blog: Follow us if you like what you see.

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