Whispering Angel 2014 Rosé

It has been a very exciting summer so far for 2015. Visiting family is always a highlight. This year I went back to Virginia, at the beginning of July, to spend time with my grandson, Levi. He’s three years old. We got to spend some wonderful time together. My son and daughter-in-law live a few blocks away from old town Manassas, a very quant town. One day, Levi and I decided to walk up to town to see the trains. This was one of our many conversations on the way:

Levi: Mimi? You want me to toot? Yeah or no?

Me: No

Levi: Well, I ate broccoli…

Me: I guess you will have to then

You just have to love innocence of little children. We had a great day that day!! I love him to the moon and back!!


I also visited my brother and his family. I stopped at Target on the way to visit and was walking the wine aisle when I spotted the Whispering Angel Rosé. This was a great find, especially at Target. I decided to take this out to share with my brother and sister-in-law. I couldn’t wait to try it!


The wine is a beautiful pale salmon color. Strawberry, raspberry, and citrus on the nose. A slight floral note as well. This is a dry rosé with bright acidity, layers of strawberry, raspberry, citrus, watermelon and a slight nuttiness on the palate. Very intriguing!
13% ABV

I am going to have to find this here in California. I need to buy a few more bottles to share with some friends!!



Cindy Cosco


Author: Passaggio_Wines

15 year Law Enforcement Officer turns award winning vintner

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