RARECAT 2014 Rosé

Rosé is very trendy these days, and I love finding an intriguing rosé with lots of character. I found one!!

I was given the opportunity, a couple of months ago, to visit a small production winery in Rutherford, California. The Women for Wine Sense were having their National three-day event in Napa, California, and for one of the winery visit sessions to choose I saw RARECAT Wines. I had never heard of RARECAT Winery and I was quite intrigued. I sign up.

I looked them up online to find directions. Not an easy task I might add. Nowhere on their website is an address. I did some more checking on the web and finally found an address. I ended up emailing the owner to make sure I had the right address and sure enough I did. The owner actually gave me some landmarks which were very helpful because it would have been a little difficult finding the place had I not had them.

When I arrived at the tasting room I was one of two who had just arrived. There were a total of twelve of us attending. I am so glad I was in this small group of women at a winery I had never heard of before. It was a quaint, beautiful little place. We were able to sit and taste some amazing wines paired with different cheeses while hearing the owner’s story of how she got to where she was today. What a great story too!!

Now to the intriguing rosé…This RARECAT 2014 Rosé is very interesting. This is a Grenache rosé with a small amount of Viognier blended in. It has a great aromatic nose. It has rose petal, grapefruit, orange peel, slight strawberry, and minerality. It dances around in your mouth with citrus, ripe strawberry, orange peel, and lively acidity. I just kept wanting to smell it and then take a taste. That’s a great wine. (IMHO) It has a very intriguing nose. Have I said that already? I wish I had bought more than two bottles. I guess I will just have to go back and take some friends…





Author: Passaggio_Wines

15 year Law Enforcement Officer turns award winning vintner

2 thoughts on “RARECAT 2014 Rosé”

  1. Hi Cindy! Our wine group met last night and we talked again of the Rarecat tasting we shared with you! What a lovely place and fabulous wine! I too wish I had bought more…Secretly plotting my return to the Napa/Sonoma Valley.

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