Cline Cellars 2012 Mourvedre Rosé

It was a beautiful day in Sonoma. I visited a friend who works at Cline Cellars, and of course while I was there, tasted some wines. The winery and tasting room was just awesome as ever and the people who work there are always very friendly. I tasted through about 5 wines and decided on three to buy. One of the three is the wine I write about today…the Cline Cellars 2012 Mourvedre Rosé.

Cline Cellars RoseThis wine is a great patio wine ideal when you have friends over for dinner or a BBQ. A great salmon color with pomegranate and a hint of cherry, it carries a nice minerality on the nose. There’s cherry lifesaver, slight citrus, a hint of red licorice and nice acidity on the palate. 13% alcohol by volume.  It’s a light bodied wine…a nice refreshing wine to drink on its own. You can get this wine for $14 in the tasting room…

“Charles Tsegeletos, winemaker for Cline Cellars since 2002, often lets the grapes guide his style of wine-making. He works closely with the Vineyard Managers to ensure that varietals are planted in locations that will provide optimal acid and sugar levels and express true varietal characteristics. He then hones his wine-making skills to shepherd the wine towards his chosen style. His red wines are big and dark with lots of fruit concentration and delicate oak nuances; white wines are bright and fresh” ~ Cline Cellars 


Cynthia Cosco

2 comments on “Cline Cellars 2012 Mourvedre Rosé

  1. Wow… that bottle just spells out summer saturday afternoons to me…. looks delicious! (If you can say that about wine…lol!)

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