Geyser Peak 2012 Pinot Grigio

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day in California. Mattie (my Airedale) and I enjoyed fresh air and a long a walk at the local dog park that borders the bay. Mattie loves the little dogs – I think she believes she is a little dog. (LOL) The air was cool but the sun was shining…all in all, it was a wonderful day in the park.

Geyser PeakAt 5:30pm, it was time to do some “market research” (hint, hint ;-)) so I headed to the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of the Geyser Peak 2012 Pinot Grigio. I was quite shocked to learn the 2012 vintage was already out! The bottle was a clear flint with a screw cap…I am beginning to like screw caps more and more, especially for whites and rosés. The alcohol stated on the bottle was 13% by volume. I picked this bottle up for $12.99 at my local grocery store.

The winemaker for Geyser Peak is Ondine Chattan. Ondine. After her fist job at Cline Cellars she went back to school for her Masters in Enology from Fresno State University. After graduation she went to work at Ridge Vineyards. One of her quotes: “Winemaking is a wonderful mix of extreme fields. For instance, we use chemistry everyday, but we also use intuition.” Sounds like someone who understands the science and art of making wine…

In my glass, the wine was a pale straw color. The aroma was very clean and refreshing with a hint of minerality. It had lemon-lime, citrus, peach, and a slight floral note on the nose. There was definitely no hint of oak on this wine. On the palate was a very lively citrus and pear note, followed by peach, and a hint of spice. There was a  lingering crisp finish which was quite nice. I would definitely pair this wine with oysters.

This wine added a nice refreshing finish to my beautiful California day…thank you Geyser Peak!


Cynthia Cosco

Author: Passaggio_Wines

15 year Law Enforcement Officer turns award winning vintner

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